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08/10/11 08:16 AM #1    


Gail VanLeuven (Allbright)

Welcome to the forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/12/12 06:44 AM #2    


Matthew Richards

Great web site.

Thank you for your work.

08/08/12 09:58 PM #3    


Vicki Austin

Good Web Site Vicki Austinsmiley

08/12/12 11:28 PM #4    


Karey Milne (Dillingham)

What a wonderful reunion you all put together! Thank you so much!

It was so nice to see everyone and catch up. So many were missed too. Wish things would have worked out better, for those who didn't make it. We missed you!

I am so glad we were able to raise enough funds, to keep the web page going! This will be nice to keep in touch this way.

Had a great time! Rick and I had fun talking about the evening, all the way home today....

Stay healthy and see you all soon!

Karey and Rick

08/21/12 04:51 PM #5    


Kristine Grevstad

Wow!  After looking at the 40-year reunion photos, I just have to ask:  when did everyone get so old???


Gail, you've done a wonderful job with this web site.  Do you think it's possible to round up any info or photos from previous reunions?


Lastly, I'm real curious about who and how many classmates wound up in the LGBT group.  I know I did.




08/26/12 08:16 PM #6    

Debby Lyman (Gillies)

My husband said he had more fun than anyone else attending the reunion and he didn't even graduate from Mead!  I married someone "fun" and "happy to be alive!"   I must have had the second most fun just going around with the freedom to do so, and talking to most there.  Plus, I sent messages to most I saw, but haven't heard back yet from many.  High school is "water under the bridge" for many. But it was fun to see and try to recognize others and reconnect. It was like a new spring to an old well. I was, however, disappointed that so many chose to not attend.  Oh well, it's hard to think of a 50th now, so maybe we should try for a 45th? or an "all Mead" or '69 - '70 or '67 - '77 reunion?  That might include many of our siblings, spouses, and friends.  Blessings to all and hope to see you again soon.  Debby

09/12/13 06:28 PM #7    


Gail VanLeuven (Allbright)

The four levy failures really hit our class hard!  Does anyone know how many classmates left our class in order to save thier credits during thier senior year?

06/25/14 07:26 PM #8    


Karey Milne (Dillingham)

Gail, I don't know how many students left, but there were quite a few. I recall how sad it was, to not have sports and dances,  and extra curricular, like the other schools. The spirit was different, too. So many of our athletes, left, that had been students most of their school years, with Mead. It is strange, to not see them at our reunions, over our senior year, levy failure. Maybe we should invite them to the next one....

It was strange for me, to have enough credits, to leave by noon, and go to work! It made me feel, as if, I was out of school a year earlier.....A year, that should have been awesome, and full of wonderful memories, was deflated. I think of this, every time we have an election. I see schools by us, fail the levies, let teachers go, close schools, and then cry about how crowded their schools are! A big fat, DA! Why is it so hard to follow the thought process out, on what the outcome will be for students, and parents!

05/27/17 08:59 PM #9    

Barbara Simpson (Arnold)

I wasn't sure where to post this or who to talk to. I just wanted you to know that Alan Arnold Passed away May 19, 2017 in Tekoa WA

05/28/17 01:50 PM #10    


Karey Milne (Dillingham)

Thank you Barbara. I'm so sorry for your loss. So many from our class, have been leaving. I pray for your family, for your loss. He will be missed. 🙏💐

04/09/20 08:12 AM #11    

Randy Jenson

I just read in the Spokesman Review this morning (April 9) that Steve Schallock passed away on April 5th.  

04/09/20 04:57 PM #12    


Debbie Witiuk (Smith)

Thank you Randy, Gail and I had seen the announcement. If you see an obituary please let us know so that we can post it in our Memory Section.

Have a Blessed Easter! 


04/10/20 11:04 AM #13    


Debbie Witiuk (Smith)

In the spirit of our new class Challenge to "Find a Classmate", I challenge Gail Van Leuven Allbright to

find Deb Linder, Penny Vensel and Nancy Eacho.  Good Luck and let us know when your successful!


04/11/20 11:21 AM #14    


Gail VanLeuven (Allbright)

I challenge Debbie Witiuk Smith to find Nancy Fernau, Pam McGee and Bruce Markee!.


I challenge Mel Weipert to find Diane Fuller and Paul Schweitzer!

04/11/20 12:09 PM #15    


Kristine Grevstad

Perhaps this is Nancy Eacho https://www.facebook.com/nancy.eacholiljenberg

04/12/20 04:51 PM #16    


Gail VanLeuven (Allbright)

I have found Nancy Eacho (and her husband Alan Liljenberg).  Thanks for the tip, Kristine!

04/13/20 10:23 AM #17    


Janet McDowell

Hello everyone!  

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during the quarantine. I have reviewed the missing classmate's list and can help with a few of them.  

Beth McCleery did not graduate from Mead.  Her family moved to the midwest before our senior year. I know she was in Seattle years ago, but I have lost track of her now.  She still might be interested in catching up with old friends. 

Melanie West is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melpuddy

Marc Gronholz is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marc.gronholz

Sue Gregorak is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/susan.prugh

Susan Norwood is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/susan.norwood

I have Beth Schneider's address but I am not able to post it here.  Please call or email me for additional information.

I remember seeing an article in the paper a few years back about Kathy Meyerrenovating a home in Spokane.  Maybe someone who lives over there can track her down.  

I have contacted Gloria Breeden and asked for information on Linda Breeden.  If I receive a reply, I will add her contact information.  

I hope this helps and I am really hoping I can attend our next reunion. 

Stay safe everyone!   

04/13/20 01:09 PM #18    


Debbie Witiuk (Smith)

Hi All,  I 've sent messages to Nancy Fernau and Pam McGee and pretty sure Nancy will join.  Yay!  Waiting to here back from Pam.

I've initiated Pam Schuetzle to help me with Bruce Markee, we have a plan to get him onboard and will update when we have more to share. 

04/13/20 02:40 PM #19    


Debbie Witiuk (Smith)

Welcome Nancy Fernau Wasley and Pam McGee Hegel/Holt.  So happy you've joined, Gail and I hope you'll enloy browsing our Class Web site!   

04/21/20 10:52 AM #20    


Janet McDowell

Hi Everyone,  

I have located Linda Breeden and she is going to check out the website and hopefully create her profile.  She also knows where Paul Switzer is and will inform him of this site.  I was also able to discover that Kathy Meyer has a Facebook page.  

I hope other people on this webpage are looking for classmates so we can have as many as possible attend our 50th reunion when it happens.  

Hope this helps, and stay safe everyone.  


04/21/20 12:04 PM #21    


Gail VanLeuven (Allbright)

Thank you, Janet!!!!   

09/30/20 01:08 PM #22    


Gina Shaw (McKenzie)

Just read in the news that Ken Campbell, Class of 1970, has passed away in September 2020.   RIP Ken.   I did not realize that his younger brother, Roger Campbell, was in our class.  I am not seeing Roger in here but perhaps someone knows where he is?

Best,  Gina

09/10/22 08:36 PM #23    


Mary Jo Braaten

Wonderful 50th reunion celebration and Kudos to the classmate who put it all together.  so nice to see classmate, some of whom haven't seen in 50 year, again.

Mary Jo

09/12/22 12:43 PM #24    


Janet McDowell

I wanted to thank Debbie and Gail for the fabulous job they did organizing our 50th Reunion.  I really wanted the night to be memorable and they accomplished that.  Like most everyone that attended I had a marvelous time.  Thanks again for the gift basket.  What a surprise that was!  I wish everyone a fantastic rest of the year and I hope I get to see everyone again sometime.  

09/20/22 10:51 AM #25    

Leslie Stephens (Lee)

Gorgeous pix.  Thank you for posting these for those of us who were unable to attend.  I was surprised at how little you all have changed through the years and was able to name almost everyone even those I haven't seen since high school!  What a young looking group of 60-somethings.  Sorry I missed the 50th.  Hope to see you all next time.  (Leslie Stephens-Lee)cool

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